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Thailand's New Visa Exemption Scheme and Visa On Arrival 




Visa Exemption :

1.  Please note that Visa Exemption only applies to foreigners holding passports issued by the countries listed above. Other travel documents for foreigners issued by these countries are not acceptable. 

 2. Foreigners entering Thailand under the Visa Exemption Scheme must provide proof of adequate funding for the duration of stay in Thailand at the port of entry and proof of onward travel (confirmed air, train, bus or boat tickets) to leave Thailand within 60 days of the arrival date. 

 3. Temporary passport / provisional passport/emergency passport of nationals exempted from the Visa Scheme for 60 days is accepted by the Immigration Bureau in Thailand. However, the passport must be valid for not less than six months upon returning to the residence country.

4. Travelers who enter Thailand under the Visa Exemption Scheme can apply for an additional extension at the Immigration Bureau of up to 30 days.


Holders of BLUE or GREEN passports issued by the Swiss government

is NOT entitled to enter Thailand under the Visa Exemption scheme. 

Please see how to apply for a Visa for tourism purposes here.


Nationals entitled to Visa Exemption are eligible to enter Thailand without a visa through land border checkpoints only twice a calendar year. Entering international airports will not be affected by this regulation.