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                          Fee and Validity of SMART Visa
Fee Validity of Visa
CHF 350  12 Months
CHF 700 24 Months
CHF 1,050 36 Months
CHF 1,400 48 Months


with multiple entries
Once you receive your Notification of qualification endorsement for a SMART visa letter, please get in touch with our visa section for further assistance.
Please note that the Royal Thai Embassy can only issue a SMART Visa after receiving authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thailand.

Required Documents:

1. Original passport or travel document with validity not less than six months from the day of your departure from Thailand

2. Completed visa application form

3. One recent passport-sized photograph taken within the past six months (3.5 x 4.5 cm.)

4. The Notification of qualification endorsement for a SMART visa letter (valid for 60 days)

5. Completed STM.6 form

5. For non-Swiss nationals, a copy of a valid residence permit to stay in Switzerland (front and back side)

6. Visa Fee in cash only 

7. If the applicant’s passport is sent back by post, an envelope with the applicant’s address and CHF 6.30 of stamps are required. The embassy accepts no responsibility for any post-service loss or damage.

11. For Chinese passport holders, if the duration of the work duration is longer than 90 days, the visa process will take up to 3-4 months.

12. For Nigerian, Afghanistan, Iraq, and North Korean passport holders, please kindly find more information on Note at How to apply for a visa