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LEGALIZATION SERVICE at The Royal Thai Embassy in Bern

(Legalization of signature and translation)


Please follow the instructions as follow:


1. Get the original document legalized by State Chancellery or Swiss Federal Chancellery or State Chamber of Commerce and Industry, depending on the types of documents.


2. If required, get the original document translated by accredited translators.


3. Send ALL documents listed below BY POST to the Royal Thai Embassy (Kirchstrasse 56, 3097 Liebefeld-Berne):

            The Embassy would not process the documents that do not meet the abovementioned requirements.


​         - Legalization of signatures: CHF 20.00/ stamp. We accept applications for legalizing documents with stamps from State Chancellery OR Swiss Federal Chancellery OR State Chamber of Commerce and Industry ONLY. *Please note that the Apostille stamp is not accepted.

         - Legalization of translation: CHF 20.00/ one translated document.

         Legalization of translation of Court Order (Gerichtsurteil or Décision de la Cour): CHF 20.00/ 100 words. ** A PDF file of the Court Order translation must be sent to [email protected] in advance to get a fee confirmation. The confirmation will be sent back to the applicant by email.

*In case of legalization of more than 10 stamps, i.e., adoption documents, please get in touch with the Royal Thai Embassy in Bern directly at 031-970-3428 or [email protected]


4. The applicant will receive a confirmation email from the Embassy once the post is well received.


5. The legalization process takes approximately 3 - 5 working days. The applicant will receive the legalized documents back by Registered Mail.


6. Submit all documents to finalized the legalization process at the Legalization Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand. See more details (email: [email protected] , Tel: (+66) 02 575 1062 Ext. 4


7. The documents are ready to submit where it is required in Thailand.



Types of Document from Switzerland:

>> Documents issued by Swiss Federal Government

>> Documents issued by other Swiss organizations

>> Trade documents